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The bear and the crow

Monika Klose & André da Loba
14,00€ | 978-84-9871-115-8
48 pages | hardback | 25x23 cm |
March 2009

The bear wanted to fly and the crow wanted to be strong like a bear. How to achieve it? The answer seemed simple: change the wings for arms and… fly! or not?
Monika Klose, a German writer living in Barcelona, offers us an amusing story about dreams, loyalties and broken agreements, with a clear message: we all have something of value in us, all that is needed is to look deep down inside, to value our capabilities without giving up our dreams, because who knows if one day…
The Portuguese illustrator, André da Loba, has designed an original plastic proposition through a series of cardboard sculptures. The scenes show plain and clear backgrounds, and a cubist concept for the characters and a great expressive force, based on the primary colours. This illustrative work stems from a previous investigation in which the Portuguese artist has studied the movement and balance in three dimensional figures carried out using waste products.
Text by Monika Klose
Illustrations by André da Loba
Translation by Mark W. Heslop

+ 4 years
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